I thoroughly enjoy my “me time” at Stress Knot Massage. I become totally relaxed and forget all the mental baggage that I have been carrying around all day. The massage is not only refreshing for my body; it also refreshes my mind.
— Cathy
“Aaaaah!” is the perfect word to describe the experience at Stress Knot Massage. The serene atmosphere, the smiling staff and the professional therapists are all icing on the cake. Just thinking about my next appointment conjures up another “Aaaaah!”
I have suffered considerable neck and shoulder pain for several years due to a degenerative disc condition. The folks at Stress Knot Massage have helped me work more effectively by significantly reducing my chronic pain over the past months. I can now work for longer periods of time and enjoy activities that I thought were once “lost forever”. They always accommodate my schedule and approach their business with the highest professionalism…plus…they are simply very nice people. Do yourself (or a loved-one) a favor and try them. Get rid of those knots and start enjoying life again!
— Rick Kirpatrick, Architect
Working as an administrative assistant means long hours sitting in front of a computer screen, answering the phone, along with many other tasks…this all causes a lot of built up stress & tension which for me centralizes itself in my neck and shoulders causing much discomfort, headaches and just generalized fatigue after working 8 hours. The bright spot in my life every two weeks is getting a relaxing one hour massage at Stress Knot Massage. The relief is almost always immediate and I sleep “like a baby” the night of my massage…completely relaxed. There is no “pill” that can make you feel as good as a massage from Stress Knot.
I started going to Stress Knot Massage when I was under a great deal of stress. The massage has helped more than any anti-depressants. It relieves muscle tension and helps clear the brain. My body gets tied in knots and it’s amazing how much better I feel after having a massage. It’s part of staying healthy.
— Carol
The deep tissue massage that I receive at Stress Knot Massage has helped the muscle spasms in my neck and back more than most of the medications that I have taken without the side effects. A chiropractor actually recommended the massage over his services!
— Sherry, Registered Nurse