On-Site Massage Services

Let us come to you! We provide our customized massage services in your office, place of work, or at your favorite event. 

Services Provided

On-Site Chair Massage

A solution for muscles and mind, workforce and management.

1-3 therapists, 5-20 minutes per person. 

Because stress can affect both physical and emotional health, on-site chair massage has emerged as an integral part of the global movement towards stress management and workplace wellness. Licensed Massage Therapist can be scheduled for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits to your place of business.

The benefits of massage are not just scientifically measurable, but they make an immediate and lasting impact. Employees can pay all, part, or none of the cost. The goodwill created is priceless!

We strive to make massage a low cost high return benefit for companies of all sizes and budgets. Please contact us for a complimentary demonstration or fill out our quote request form.

Relaxing, therapeutic, and enjoyed by all! Easily fits limited spaces, time, or handicaps/limitations

On-Site Table Massage

1-2 therapists, clients receive as much as time allows.

More relaxing! Allows versatile treatment, stretching, and greater movement. This massage is best for athletic or physically active people. It requires more room and accomodations, and can be challenging for handicapped individuals.


Massage/spot treatment with warm, buckwheat hull pillows. Many love this soothing treatment, and is best paired with a table massage.