Our Policies

In our commitment to provide a unique and outstanding massage experience to all of our clients, and out of consideration for our therapists' time, we have adopted the following policies:


We respectfully ask that you provide at least 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule or cancel. This gives us enough time to consider other clients, and to try and fill the time slot. Multiple last minute cancellations will result in pre-payment for all future services.

Late Arrivals

Appointments may be shorted. Your tardiness may require that we end the session at the scheduled time with full payment due for the service booked. We have reserved this time just for you and have other scheduled appointments directly after your scheduled time.


A no-show is an appointment that is missed without contacting us to let us know you will not be showing up.

On your first missed appointment, you will receive a warning and you will be asked to pre-pay for future services. It is important that our massage therapists are compensated for their reserved time slots.

On your second missed appointment, 50% of your scheduled service will be charged.

On your third missed appointment, 100% of your scheduled service will be charged.


Limit one per visit, and discounts and coupons may not be combined.

Gift Cards

We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Please treat them like cash! They are not replaceable or refundable.

Respect for Needs and Boundaries

Our massage therapists are happy to adjust pressure, temperature, musical volume, work longer on an area, or move on if you request.

Unbecoming Conduct

Sexual remarks, suggestions, advances, or any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.